Cash Gifts

A gift of cash (either outright or through a multi-year pledge) is an effective way to support Nebraska 4-H. You can realize tax savings by deducting cash gifts from your taxable income (requires that you itemize your deductions). Make checks payable to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation or give online now.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Memorial and tribute gifts are charitable contributions that support Nebraska 4-H and at the same time honor friends and family members.

Memorial gifts make a lasting tribute to the memory of family members and friends. Tribute gifts recognize the contributions and talents of living persons or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, graduation or anniversary.

Upon receipt of your gift, the foundation will send an acknowledgement of your thoughtfulness to whomever you designate.

If you want to inform others of your desire for memorial gifts to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, you may wish include the following phrase in an obituary notice: “Memorial contributions may be made to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation at PO Box 830719, Lincoln, NE 68583-0719 or online at”


Gifts by will, whether in the form of cash, securities, or other property, may be fully deducted in determining federal estate taxes and state death taxes. You may designate a specific sum as a gift to Nebraska 4-H or a portion of the remainder of your estate after provisions for survivors are fulfilled, or a combination of these.

Gifts in Kind

The Nebraska 4-H Foundation can receive certain valuable gifts of property or equipment for which the Nebraska 4-H Foundation has a use in connection with its mission.

Mail Your Gift To:
Nebraska 4-H Foundation
PO Box 830719
Lincoln NE 68583-0719

You can also make your gift by calling the Nebraska 4-H Foundation at (402) 472-1178.