4-H offered me numerous opportunities to expand my interests and try new things. I created many projects all throughout my 4-H career, ranging from woodworking to crafts to even baking. Not only did I make things for myself, but I also made some projects for others. Woodworking was my favorite. I made a birdhouse and filing cabinet for my parents, a sawhorse for my dad, and a baseball display case for my baseball collection. Over the years, I learned that making and performing the tasks yourself was much more gratifying than just taking the easy route and buying the product. I also found out that any old, used object can be refinished and made into something better. Serving the community was another important aspect that 4-H taught me. Every year my 4-H group would clean road ditches in the spring and serve concession stands at the county fair and other livestock shows. In essence, 4-H better prepared me for life, and I’m thankful for my parents and 4-H leaders for getting me involved.

Micah Kreikemeier
Cuming County