Being a member of 4-H in Saunders County, Nebraska was a huge part of my childhood and has helped sculpt me into the person I am today. Participating in showing both Cattle and Swine allowed me to develop a hard work ethic, a bigger sense of responsibility and many skills related towards teamwork since I was one of six children in my family involved in 4-H! Although it is a lot of hard work and dedication, the opportunities and the memories that 4-H provided me are something that I will forever be grateful for. Over the years of being a member, my family and I have built many great friendships with other members while at different shows and contests. Being a member of 4-H has helped me to become a well rounded individual and I am very hopeful that one day my children may be as fortunate as I was to be a member of 4-H in Nebraska!

Kurt Chvatal, Saunders County