Nurturing Nebraska’s most precious resource.

While Nebraska is blessed with an abundance of resources, our most precious resource is the exuberance, enthusiasm and potential of our young people. As the single largest youth development organization in Nebraska, 4-H has a profound statewide impact on where Nebraska is headed—and who is going to lead us there.

You May Be Surprised To Learn That:

  • More than 140,000 young Nebraskans are involved in 4-H each year
  • More than half of 4-H youth come from Nebraska’s metro areas
  • One out of every three eligible youth (ages 9-19) in Nebraska participates in 4-H
  • Some 12,000 volunteers help coordinate and implement Nebraska 4-H programs

When you contribute to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, your gift resonates from border to border across the state in the lives of young Nebraskans.

Nebraska 4-H Is in Step with Today—and Tomorrow.

Nebraska 4-H is strongly rooted in tradition.  The core values and mission of Nebraska 4-H have remained steadfast and constant; however, the emphasis has changed dramatically to reflect the changes in our world. Today’s 4-H youth are involved and engaged in many different areas, including:

  • Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Literacy
  • Career Exploration and Citizenship
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Community Involvement

These are the skills, talents and characteristics that we want our young people—and our next generation of Nebraska leaders—to have.  As we look to the future, this is exactly where Nebraska 4-H is focused.

Inspiring Nebraska Youth:

This is what 4-H Does.

Nebraska 4-H inspires young Nebraskans to lead communities, create businesses and become productive citizens. It might be a summer camp where youth learn to build friendship. Or a statewide competition that fosters skills in critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. Maybe entrepreneurial training to transform a new idea into a new business. Nebraska 4-H connects youth with their communities and with each other. 4-H instills attributes, aptitudes and attitudes that inspire young people to achieve and accomplish great things.

This is what 4-H Creates.

Nebraska 4-H develops young people who are an inspiration to their peers, their communities and our entire state. These are tomorrow’s leaders—and with 4-H, they are establishing a strong foundation of personal responsibility, good character and valuable skills that will elevate Nebraska to greater heights. Nebraska 4-H harnesses the power of young people and empowers them to take charge of their lives and their future—and the future of our entire state.

If you believe in Nebraska youth, consider a gift to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. When you contribute to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, you help build character, skills and innovation in young people—and that’s an investment that will pay dividends many times over. Every dollar has a positive impact on programming, opportunities and the lives and futures of Nebraska youth. So please consider a gift—of any amount—to ensure that the 140,000 young Nebraskans in 4-H become the leaders and citizens we all want them to be.