Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards

The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) are pleased to offer the 2016 Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards.  These awards are  sponsored by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), which recognize 4-H clubs for the work of the individuals in the club and the community service of the entire club.  25 clubs have been recognized each year since 1997.  Recognition is in the form of  a $500 check issued to the club’s treasury, to be used as described in the award application form completed by the club.  A public presentation of the checks will be made to the winning clubs during the PASE event on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus on

Clubs may use the award money for many different programs.  Examples include:

  • Conferences or workshops for others in the community
  • Trips or tours for club members
  • Community improvement projects in their home town
  •  Intergenerational programs
  •  Development of a youth council  

While the majority of the clubs choose a project that benefits others in their community, some have chosen to celebrate their success by providing more experiences for club members.

2016 Governor’s Ag Excellence Application

The application deadline is March 1, 2016.  Email applications to Lori Oberembt at the Nebraska 4-H Foundation office at

Please indicate in the subject line that it is a Governor’s Ag Excellence Application.

Please consider “Agricultural” in the broadest terms when you are discussing this program.  The intent is to increase 4-H’ers’ awareness of agricultural careers and entice some of them into such careers.  Individuals interested in a broad range of subjects including Food Science, Chemistry, Economics, Animal Science, Biology, Law, Sociology and many others may not realize that an agricultural career is a viable option.  This is an opportunity for 4-H to support our agricultural roots while we help 4-H members expand the career possibilities that they are considering.  Clubs are eligible regardless of their geographic location.  Clubs in urban and rural areas of Nebraska are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Oberembt at the Nebraska 4-H Foundation at 402-472-1178 or by email at