Success Stories

  • Stories/i-met-all-my-friends-there/ “4-H is a huge part of what makes me who I am today. Growing up in Nebraska on a farm, I couldn’t wait for the days I could show my animal along with all the hard work put into working with that animal. Along with great memories with friends, endless time spent at […]

  • Stories/it-launched-my-career/ 4-H offered me numerous opportunities to expand my interests and try new things. I created many projects all throughout my 4-H career, ranging from woodworking to crafts to even baking. Not only did I make things for myself, but I also made some projects for others. Woodworking was my favorite. I made a […]

  • Stories/4-h-sculpted-me Being a member of 4-H in Saunders County, Nebraska was a huge part of my childhood and has helped sculpt me into the person I am today. Participating in showing both Cattle and Swine allowed me to develop a hard work ethic, a bigger sense of responsibility and many skills related towards teamwork […]

  • Stories/i-met-my-best-friends-in-4-h/ “If there’s one program that I will make sure my children are involved in someday, it will be 4-H. I am forever grateful to the 4-H program and the experiences I had during my 10 years in it. I met my best friends in 4-H, became a public speaker, learned about the agriculture […]

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