Have you lost touch with your 4-H roots? It’s never too late to reconnect and lend your experience to the 4-H movement. Learn about all the remarkable ways that 4-H is making a positive difference in the lives of Nebraska’s youth.

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When you were a 4-H’er you learned how to use your head, hands, heart and health for the benefit of your community. Now we want to hear how you are using these same 4-H skills today.
Become part of our Nebraska 4-H Alumni Database to learn what 4-H youth are doing today and how you can remain part of the 4-H family.

Your contribution to 4-H helps the young people of Nebraska become caring, involved citizens committed to their communities and fostering a better world. Give 4-H’ers the opportunity to prove themselves, just as you had.


Stay involved by giving back to the organization you love, as you continue to be a vital part of the 4-H movement. Volunteer with 4-H in your community.

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Find out how you can engage with a 4-H club near you. Contact your local 4-H office to learn more about programs in your area.