The Nebraska 4-H Ambassador program now has 12 4-H Ambassadors! 4-H Ambassadors promote 4-H throughout the state by attending 4-H events at the county and state level along with improving their skills through trainings and professional meetings. “The Nebraska 4-H Ambassador program was developed just last year and we at the Nebraska 4-H Foundation are excited to see the program continue to grow with the addition of these outstanding new ambassadors,” stated Stuart Shepherd, Executive Director of the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. Here’s more about the Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors:

Tayler Goertz
Hometown: Bennington, NE
County: Washington
Major: Dance
Minor: Animal Science and Engler Agribusiness
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: I showed beef cattle for about 3 years, but then I decided to show dogs for the remainder of my 4-H career. I am now a leader for the same 4-H dog club that I grew up in.
Favorite Food: Cheese-Its
Favorite Color: Pink
In 10 years, I hope to be an Occupational Therapist focusing on Animal Assisted Therapy practice.
3 areas of interest: Dogs, Urban Development/Involvement, Community Service

Anastasia Johnson
Hometown: Central City
County: Merrick
Major: Applied Science
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: I am currently a junior who is outgoing and is always smiling :). In 4-H I have participated and tried just about everything (Thanks mom!) but I especially liked showing sheep and beef and trap shooting.
Favorite Food: T-Bone Steak
Favorite Color: Definitely Pink
In 10 years, I hope to be graduated with a Masters and to be working in Extension with 4-H. I mainly want to be happy wherever I am in my life.
3 areas of interest: Animal Science, Shooting Sports, and Sewing Quilts and crafts

Hannah Kesterson
Hometown: Alliance, NE
County: Box Butte
Major: Food Science and Technology
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: I am currently a freshman at the University of Nebraska, and am a ten year 4-H member. I joined when I was eight, and since then, have had so many great experiences; from showing livestock, to taking static exhibits, to learning life-skills, to traveling across the state and country, to making great friends and unforgettable memories. I especially love the county fair, and am known to refer to it as my favorite holiday and the best week of the year.
Favorite Food: Steak, peanut butter, fresh peaches, the list could go on and on!
Favorite Color: Green
In 10 years, I hope to be living in a rural community and to start a family. I hope to have a successful career and to enjoy whatever it might be.
3 areas of interest (for county extension outreach): Food Science, Meat Goat, Quilting

Jared Knobbe
Hometown: Imperial
County: Chase
Major: Agribusiness/Entrepreneurship
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: Throughout my 4-H experience I was involved with the horse and swine projects. 4-H gave me a chance to meet lifelong friends and gain connections I could not have found elsewhere. If it wasn’t for my 4-H leaders, I probably wouldn’t be riding horses, or have much to do with livestock today. They taught me how to ride one horse, and that gave me skills to train and figure out any other horse that I climb onto.
Favorite Food: Ribeye Steak
Favorite Color: Orange
In 10 years, I hope to be operating my own company with outreaches of community development, construction, and ranching/feed yard.
3 areas of interest (for county extension outreach): Livestock- horse, cattle, swine, not so much sheep. When it comes to other events I wasn’t really involved the last few years, but I had done gardening, and through FFA experience, I could help with the construction stuff if people were welding or possibly some woodworking. I’m pretty well educated or have the ability to do anything with my hands.

lindsayLindsay Long
Hometown: Springfield, NE
County: Sappy
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Agricultural Economics
Years in 4-H: 11 years
About Me/4-H Experience: I have been involved in the 4-H program since I was seven years old. 4-H has inspired me to have a future career in Agriculture. Growing up on a farm outside of Springfield, I showed cattle, sheep and participated in static exhibits. I loved the thrill of going in the show ring. 4-H led me to be more involved and start showing cattle at the State level and also the National level.
Favorite Food: Mash Potatoes
Favorite Color: Blue
In 10 years, I hope to be a Ruminant Nutritionist and have my own Livestock Consulting Company in Nebraska.
3 areas of interest: Animal Science, Livestock Shows and Public Speaking

LaNae Maxson
Hometown: Burwell, Ne
County: Garfield
Major: Veterinary Science
Years in 4-H: 13 years
About Me/4-H Experience: My favorite part of 4-H throughout my 13 years was exhibiting all of my animals. Being in the presence of animals is one of my biggest passions, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to raise and work with a variety of species; therefore, I knew very early on exactly what I wanted my future career to be. Through 4-H, not only was I able to demonstrate my passion, but also everything I have learned.
Favorite Food: Apple pie
Color: Purple
In 10 years, I hope to be a successful veterinarian, wife, and mother.
3 areas of interest: Animal exhibition, veterinary science, cooking

Eric Miller
Hometown: Lyons, NE?County: Burt ?Major: Agribusiness: Ag Banking and Finance
Years in 4-H: 11 years
About Me/4-H Experience: Throughout 4-H I was extremely involved on multiple levels of participation. I was involved within both animal and static exhibit areas, competitive teams, and 4-H Jr. Leaders on the county level. I exhibited animals and static exhibits very competitively at the state level, as well as representing Cuming County at the P.A.S.E. each summer. My team experienced much success in these competitions and participated in two national contests as the Nebraska representative as a result of being named state champions. This past summer I utilized skills learned throughout my 4-H career to coach a P.A.S.E. team with a teammate of mine. I also attended National 4-H Congress and was selected as the Nebraska Youth Delegate Advisor due to my leadership and experiences.
Favorite Food: Prime Rib
Favorite Color: Blue
In 10 years, I hope to be working in a rural Nebraska bank and becoming involved in my community.
3 areas of interest: I have been successful in both animal and static exhibit areas. I feel that I would be most adept at providing outreach in the Sheep, Poultry, or Swine animal areas, Woodworking, Welding, or Aerospace static exhibit areas.

Will Miller
Hometown: Culbertson, NE
County: Hitchcock
Major: Animal Science
Years in 4-H: 9 years
About me: Growing up on my family’s ranch I developed a strong passion for showing cattle. Through 4-H, I was able to show my passion for showing cattle and livestock judging, at the state and national level. 4-H was a huge stepping stone in getting me to where I am today at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!
Favorite food: Prime Rib on Christmas Eve
Favorite Color: Orange
In ten years I hope to be working as an Extension Educator and giving back to the program that got me to where I am.
Three areas of interest: Livestock judging, livestock shows and shooting sports

Dustin Renken
Hometown: Bertrand, NE
County: Dawso
Major: Animal Science Pre-Vet
Minor: Agribusiness
Years in 4-H: 11 years
About Me/4-H Experience: 4-H has provided me with a medium to grow as an individual in both a social and professional atmosphere. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to represent Nebraska 4-H at the National levels in Atlanta, GA and Washington D.C. I will never forget the friendships made, the networks established, and advocacy done on behalf of 4-H. Whether it has been showing with my friends at the county fair, winning a State Horsemanship Championship, or advocating for 4-H with our Senators and Congressmen, 4-H has provided me with so many unforgettable experiences. 4-H has proven that our youth are our future and that our youth can accomplish great things. 4-H is simply the medium for my success.
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Favorite Color: Blue
In 10 years, I hope to have my DVM and practicing.
3 areas of interest (for county extension outreach): Horse events, Livestock shows, Public Speaking/Banquets

Courtney Schaardt
Hometown: Table Rock, Nebraska
County: Pawnee
Major: Agriculture Leadership
Minor: Animal Science & Agribusiness
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: I’ve been involved in 4-H since I was 8. I have shown beef, horses, poultry & waterfowl, rabbits, goats, and swine at the county and state level. I was involved in my club as president and in our council as vice president.
Favorite Food: Hamburger
Favorite Color: Lime Green
In 10 years, I hope to be working for a company where I can advocate for agriculture and educate the population about agriculture.
3 areas of interest: Leadership and Livestock

Brittany Spieker
Hometown: Hadar, NE
County: Pierce
Major: Dietetics
Years in 4-H: 10 years
About Me/4-H Experience: A few 4-H projects that I had participated in include sewing garments and quilts, baking, photography, and constructing fun art projects such as acrylic painting. I have also been employed at the Pierce County Extension for the past 3 summers. I help with the summer camps for the 4-Hers and prepare for the Pierce County Fair.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Color: Yellow
In 10 years, I hope to be finished with undergraduate and graduate school. I plan to be a registered Dietitian working as an Extension Educator or working within a clinical setting. I hope to be living in my own home, happily married, and starting my own family. Most importantly, I want to have a happy and fulfilling life surrounded by all the people I love.
3 areas of interest: Dietetics, Baking and Sewing

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